One of the things that I love the most about being a part of the online bookish community (and especially Bookstagram), is learning about small companies that specialize in bookish merchandise. Obviously, I’ve already expressed my love for candles on here for you all before, but I honestly can’t get enough of them. I may actually have a problem.

Today I’m featuring Chelsea over at Geeky Girl Scents – find her on Instagram @geekygirlscents! I originally purchased some candles from her because she was bundling smaller tins of her candles in little sets, and had the perfect Harry Potter-inspired set: “The Wizard’s Shop Candle Collection”. This was perfect for me because, as you may or may not know, the Harry Potter series is my favorite. She’d also recently reduced all of the pricing on her candles, as well!

Here were some of the factors I considered when purchasing from Chelsea:

  1. Price. With her new lower prices, Chelsea’s candles are priced very reasonably at $10 for an 8 oz. tin candle. That’s actually the best price I’ve seen so far on an individual candle!
  2. Bundles. Like I said before, bundles always seem to win me over, particularly when they’re my favorite fandom. She also has a “Tolkien Trio”, as well as a couple of duos (“Hogwarts Candle Collection” and “DC Duos”) . The bundles are $14 each for three 4 oz. candles (or $25 for 8 oz), and the duos are $10 for two 4 oz. candles ($18 for 8 oz). This is honestly SUCH a steal!
  3. Variety. So far, the selection is still relatively small. There’s Harry Potter-themed candles, LoTR, DC, and Disney, and Nintendo. However, the selections are good enough for me! I’m a huge HP fan (how many times can I say that in this post?!), as well as a Tolkien fan.
  4. Kindness. Yes, friendliness and kindness is always a factor! When I first ordered “The Wizard’s Shop Candle Collection”, there was a problem with one of the candles and it wouldn’t light. I messaged Chelsea over Instagram, and she was so helpful and so so so accommodating to me. She was kind enough to send me another one for free, and even upgraded the size! It meant so much to me because obviously customer support is incredibly important, but it’s also touching because her business is still growing and I’m sure she doesn’t just throw out free candles all the time!
  5. Location. So this one is a factor for me because this company is based in the US so shipping costs are much lower for those of us who live here! This is only a big factor to me because a lot of the candle companies I’ve found so far are international for me.


Have I convinced you yet? You should all seriously send yourselves over to and check out the selection! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And now, on to the reveal and review of the candles I purchased in “The Wizard’s Shop Candle Collection”


This picture was taken before I got my replacement candle, when “Fred & Georges Love Potion” wouldn’t light.


“Fred & Georges Love Potion

Wow. All I can say is wowowowowowow. This is my favorite scent ever. No, I’m not joking. Nor am I using hyperbole for dramatic effect. This is my favorite. scent. ever. On the packaging, the scent is marked as “Charry Blossom”.

Do you guys remember the body spray scent called “Love Spell” at Victoria’s Secret shops? I swear this candle HAS to be inspired by that smell because I promise you it is identical. That was my favorite body spray in middle-high school! I stopped wearing body spray though forever ago, but I was honestly ecstatic when I opened up this tin and smelled that candle. I honestly need like a lifetime supply of it. Now you can understand even more how overwhelmingly thrilled I was when Chelsea was kind enough to give me the larger size tin as a replacement for the first!


This scent is obviously going to be warm and hearty and sweet, just as you would expect a Butterbeer to smell and taste! Now, when I first opened up this candle I was a tad overwhelmed, and I didn’t think I was going to like the scent. However, when I lit the candle and let it burn and waft throughout my apartment, the scent changed a bit and became less saturated. My boyfriend also really loved this smell, which is totally a plus because I try to make him happy sometimes too hehe. On the packaging, this candle is described as “Buttered Rum”.

“Honeydukes Sweet Shop”

This one was definitely my second favorite scent, behind “Fred & Georges Love Potion”. When I opened this scent, I immediately thought of some kind of candy that I couldn’t put my finger on (and it wasn’t exactly “Cotton Candy”, though that’s what the scent is described as – and definitely smells like once I thought about it!). I think what it smelled like the most to me was kind of like a sour candy, maybe like Fun Dip? Haha does anyone know what that is? It’s like that white sugar stick that you stick into colored/flavor sugar powder and then suck it off. Haha. Yeah. Regardless, it totally smells like candy and it’s delicious and I love it! I’ve actually never had a candy-smelling candle before, or even seen one in stores (do they exist? Do you have recommendations for me? lol).

Overall opinions: I’m very happy with my experience with Geeky Girl Scents, and just as happy with the scents of the candles themselves! The prices are amazing, the scents are seriously delicious, the customer service is perfect, and I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more from Chelsea!

I highly recommend everyone go and check out these candles!