The Raven Cycle Fancast

The Raven Cycle Fancast

One of the series I loved reading the most last year was The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. I loved the setting, the magical feeling throughout the book, and the characters. I totally fell in love with the books. So much so, that I even made a Pinterest Board with fanart and quotes and other beautiful imagery inspired by The Raven Cycle. But as I continue thinking about the books, I wanted to take it a step further and come up with my dream fancast for The Raven Boys.

New to the fandom? Check out my spoiler-free review of The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.

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Blue Sargent: Rosa Salazar

Picking someone to embody Blue Sargent was one of the hardest choices for me. This is mostly because nearly all of the fanart I see of Blue is her as a POC. Personally, that was how I read Blue when reading The Raven Cycle. Her black hair was highlighted, and her relatives (aunt/cousin) were always described as having brown skin.

However, Maggie Stiefvater stated on her Tumblr that “The books are painfully white-washed”, and implied that Blue is not, in fact, a POC. Because of this, and for her plea to “consider racebending the rest of the characters as well” [in reference to fans racebending Ronan], I decided to pick Rosa Salazar, who is American and of Hispanic descent. She could pass as a white character.

I picked Salazar because of her dark hair, and big brown eyes. I’m not sure if Blue’s eye color is ever stated, but I imagined them to be brown. She has a cute, feminine face and looks great with a short crop.

Dick Gansey: Douglas Booth

I have always imagined Gansey as having brown/light brown hair, olive/tan skin, and good bone structure.

But he’s not the smoldering type, you know? He’s inquisitive, a little bit geeky, and good-humored. While he wasn’t my personal favorite character in the series, I know that lots of people are super into Gansey.

I picked Douglas Booth because a) when he wears a polo it’s exactly how I imagine Gansey, b) he has the good looks but a great smile that can look playful, and c) he has a versatile appearance that can go back and forth between put-together Gansey and disgruntled/disheveled Gansey. Plus, I’d like to see him in glasses.

Ronan Lynch: Henrico Van Niekerk

Ronan was one of the hardest to find a good fancast for me. I wanted to try and keep it to mostly actors, but none of the actors I could find really fit my vision for Ronan. So I went with a model.

Henrico Van Niekerk has the razor-sharp features, shaved head, and dark features that I always associated with Ronan while reading. His eyes are a stunning blue, though I don’t think it’s specified in The Raven Cycle, but I think it could totally work with his character.

Adam Parrish: Robert Laby

Adam Parrish was another character that I just had an awful time with. No one really seems to fully encompass the way I imagine him in my mind.

I’ve picked Robert Laby, but he isn’t a perfect fit for me. What I like about him is his crooked nose, which looks like it could’ve been broken (by Adam’s father), and his dusty-colored appearance. He has a sort of gaunt face, which I also picture Adam with.

But if any of you have better suggestions for Adam, I would love to know about them! I’m still on the hunt for just the right face.

Noah Czerny: Beau Mirchoff

To me, Noah Czerny is kind of the Gansey-that-could-never-be. At least, before **SPOILERS** he died.

I imagined him as just as preppy and well-bred as Gansey, though I think the fandom likes to cast him as a little more Adam Parrish-y because of his… situation. But I just don’t see him that way at all! To me, he’s just kind of a goofy, affluent kid.

I picked Beau Mirchoff, though he’s not quite what I pictured Noah. If he were a little skinnier/less muscly, I think it would be a better fit (personally). I picked him because his expressions look both depressed, and goofy. He somehow manages to make both expressions look natural on his face, and I think that embodies Noah pretty well.

The Raven Cycle Fancast

Let’s talk about it

What do you think of these people as choices for the main gang in The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater? Which ones do you agree with, and which ones do you think are totally wrong? I would love to know what your own fancasts are! Please help me find better faces for some of the characters I was unsure of. Also, I am really curious to know if you racebend any of the characters. What do you think of Maggie Stiefvater’s Tumblr post? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “The Raven Cycle Fancast

  1. I am so here for Douglas Booth as Gansey, and the guy you picked for Ronan is exactly how I imagine him, sexy but looks like he would punch you without a second thought :’-) For some reason I always pictured Noah as blonde, I’m not sure why… I’m just on Dream Thieves now and loving this series, I cannot wait for the show!

    1. WHAT!! WHAT SHOW?! Omg if you tell me they’re making a show out of this series I’m going to cry rivers of happiness!

        1. That’s like the best news ever 😂 yay I’m so excited!! And I hope you’re enjoying reading the books! The Dream Thieves was my favorite one!!

  2. On offense but these are teenagers and this is a tv show. The actress you picked for Blue looks good but is 32. The ones you picked for Ronan and Adam again look good but they are just models and the characters are too complex to not have expirienced actors. Noah just doesn’t fit the description but I like your Gansey. Just my opinion.

  3. gosh the only one i think is totally wrong is noah, i see him having a very young face. I love all the others though! wouldn’t have even considered half of them, but the way you described them made me see it. I personally enjoy ronan and blue better as poc though.

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