Why buy books from Amazon?

Let me paint a scenario for you:

I’m browsing the aisles of a book store, getting excited and pulling books from their shelves. I have a cart full, and I’m excited to take these books home to read them.
Next to me is my fiance, Charlie. He’s on his phone, looking up every book that I pick from the shelves. While considering whether or not to purchase this book, Charlie says, “It’s cheaper on Amazon.”
“I know, I know,” I say, brushing him off. I came for the experience, not criticism.
“It’s half the price,” Charlie says.
I very quietly put all of my books back, and we leave the bookstore.

Yes, this actually happened.

More than once, especially throughout last year. It sounds sad, but it isn’t. I love going to bookstores and browsing their selections. It’s amazing when you can buy a book and read it right then and there.

But I’m a book buyer on a budget. And the truth of it is, books are cheaper on Amazon. Often times, I can buy a hardback book on Amazon for about the same price as a paperback book in-stores. That’s insane. Plus, on Amazon you can buy e-books as well, for great prices.

This is why I buy my books from Amazon, and leave links for you all to purchase the books I talk about here on my site.

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