Tailwind Tribes for Book Bloggers

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Tailwind Tribes for Book Bloggers

Are you a book blogger, or any other content-creator in the online bookish community? Have you been struggling to get viewers to your blog? Are you using Pinterest? Because you should be. Pinterest has been shown to drive anywhere around 50% of the traffic to any blog! And one of the best scheduling tools out there is Tailwind. You can schedule hundreds of pins in mere minutes – a crucial step in driving more traffic to your blog. But today I’m here to talk about Tailwind Tribes for book bloggers.

What is a Tailwind tribe? How does it work?

Essentially, a Tailwind Tribe is a group of individuals (either invited or accepted by request) who share pins relevant to the group’s focus. By pinning your own pins (which lead to your blog posts, I hope!) to the Tailwind Tribe, you expose your content to the other members of that Tribe. And in exchange, you repin others’ posts to your own Pinterest boards. That way, the love goes around!

But at this point in time, searching for Tailwind Tribes is really difficult, and often even more difficult to join. That’s why I created the Book Bloggers Twailwind Tribe! This is a Tribe created just for Book Bloggers like myself, and YOU! It’s open to bloggers, writers, authors, bookstagrammers, booklrs, booktubers, etc. Mostly, I just wanted to create a way for people to share their creative content!

Want to learn more about Tailwind Tribes? Check out the Quick Start Guide and the Knowledge Base.

New to Tailwind? Click here to watch this YouTube tutorial which explains how to use Tailwind in order to grow your Pinterest presence – and blog following.


Join the Book Bloggers Tailwind Tribe

Click here to get your invitation to join the Book Bloggers Tribe!


Tailwind Tribes for Book Bloggers!

More Tailwind Tribes for Book Bloggers

Looking for other book Tribes to follow? I’m a part of the Book Tribe. Click here to join the Book Tribe!

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Essentially, Tailwind Tribes can work to really help book bloggers connect with one another and share each others’ blog posts. There’s so much to love about the online bookish community, and it’s important that we help and promote one another! By signing up for Tailwind, you can join these bookish Tribes in order to help maximize your growth on Pinterest. What are you waiting for?

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Let’s talk about it

Are you currently using Tailwind and the Tribes feature? Are you a part of any other Tailwind book tribes that could be added to this list? Please leave the information in a comment down below! Let’s spread the love around.

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