My Second Book: A New Tale! Outlining?!

FRIENDS! If you’ve been following my blog (or Bookstagram) for a little while now, you will know that I recently finished the first draft of my first book! That’s SUCH an accomplishment for me, as someone who has always wanted to be a writer and author.

But what was I to do during the “break” I’m taking from this first book? My fiance is currently editing that first book, and I had to move on to something else. Luckily, inspiration was not far-off, and I had something else right up my sleeve!

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Let me introduce you to…

The Afterlife Series

I know, right? It’s another series – AND I have a title for the series! AND AND I am sharing it with you all! While I know I have been hush-hush about my first book (it is my first brain-child, after all), I want to scream to the world about this second book I am beginning.

The Basics:

It’s a fantasy parody.

While researching for my first book, I learned a lot about fantasy novel cliches, archetypes, etc. that I was “supposed to avoid”. The lists were long. And very comprehensive. And sometimes they contradicted each other. But essentially, what I learned was that there was a lot that people were annoyed with in the fantasy genre. And I thought it might be fun to play around with that.

It will be an adventurous, fantasy-based story. With parody. And satire. Lots of humor. I’m into it.

I’m envisioning anywhere from 3-5 books.

I have a rough outline in my mind of the overall series plot. There are 5 major themes/issues throughout the story. However, I’m not sure that each one has enough potential to be its own book. I’m working on it. We shall see.

It will be significantly shorter than my first book.

My first book came in at around 140k words, and that’s before I add in the other characters’ POVs. I’m planning on keeping these books at around 80k words.

The target audience will be Young Adult… I think.

This is different from my first book, which is targeted at a New Adult audience. But humor and parody can go off the walls sometimes. I may get carried away. Things may get a little inappropriate. It may not be suitable for readers under 18.

I am outlining the book.

Yet another change from my first book! (In which I wrote the whole thing from start to finish from one POV, without chapters, sans outline). I appreciate a combination of outlining and pants-ing, but I thought I would give full-on outlining a shot. Currently, I’ve outlined about 10 strong scenes for the first book in the series, and about 5 weak ones. Plus around 12 weak scene outlines for the sequel.

If you’re interested in how I’m structuring my outline, check out K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors. I can’t recommend this site enough!

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How I’m feeling so far

Excited. Nervous. As though I’m taking a deep plunge into the dark depths of the Acheron River.

It’s a new struggle for me, outlining a story. I think it’s also a little bit weird, since I’m planning to write this story as a parody. Since I’ve only worked on the outline so far, hardly any humor (via dialogue) has come through. The bare bones of the story still have to follow basic story structure, parody or not.

I’m itching to finish this outline so that I can begin to write this story. I need to see the humor!

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Let’s talk about it

Are you as excited about this new journey as I am?! Probably not. But that’s okay! Are you at least interested in learning more about the plot, main character, side characters, etc.?! I might be up to leaving little snippets of information throughout the rest of my writing updates for this series, if people have interest!

Are you currently working on any WIPs? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My Second Book: A NEW TALE! OUTLINING?!

  1. This sounds amazing! Definitely want to see some snippets and get to know your characters, I love fantasy but it can be cliche and a parody could be hilarious! Good luck with the outline x

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