The Foxy Readers Review Policy


What You Can Expect

Review Policy: I often write book reviews here on my blog soon after I finish reading these books. I will always post a Spoiler Free review for those who have not read the book yet. Please, feel free to comment on those posts with your own personal opinions but refrain from posting any comments with spoilers, or at least give an indication before writing your comment.

This is a space where I feel comfortable sharing my opinions and ramblings, and I refuse to put up any fronts in order to appease certain readers, viewers, audiences, and groups. My reviews are entirely my own opinion and I will not sugarcoat my reviews. That being said, I never write a review in order to intentionally upset or hurt certain readers, viewers, audiences, or groups. I do not wish to cultivate a space of hatred and contempt. I merely believe that it is important to be truthful and to generate respectful conversations where disagreements arise.

Where to Find My Reviews

I obviously upload my reviews here on Foxy Readers. I also may choose to use the review I have written on my Goodreads account, and I will promote the posts on my Instagram and any other platforms I choose to use in the future including, but not limited to: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Review Request Books

If I have been sent a free copy of a book for the intended purpose of reading and reviewing that book, that will be noted in the review itself. All of the reviews I give for books that I receive for free will always be my own personal opinion and nothing else. I do not falsely advertise a book or my thoughts on it in exchange for the free copy.

Review Request Status: CLOSED


Book Formats Accepted:

I will take physical form ARCs, review copies, manuscripts, and published novels. I do not accept audiobooks or digital PDFs as I do not like these formats as much and it would greatly inhibit my enjoyment of reading the story.

I accept self-published/Indie books on a limited basis. Unfortunately, I do not have time to respond to each email individually. If your book does not fit the requirements listed below, I most likely won’t respond to your email. If I am interested, you can expect communication from me.


Genres Accepted:

Young Adult Novels:
  1. High Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy
  2. Science Fiction
  3. Historical Fiction
  4. Contemporary
  5. Fairytales/Folklore
  6. Mystery
  7. Romance
  8. Adventure
Adult Novels:
  1. High Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
  2. Fairytales/Folklore
  3. Adventure

Note: I do not accept: Non-Fiction, Poetry, Politics, or Religion. I’m often not familiar enough with these topics to understand the book properly or provide an appropriate review.


To Inquire about a Review:

You can reach me at

In your message, please include:

  1. Book title and author
  2. Genre and synopsis
  3. Format
  4. Publisher and publishing date (if applicable)
  5. Why you would like me to read and review this book

I will always read your book review inquiry, however, I cannot guarantee a response or that I will complete a review for your book. As a reviewer, I work under fluctuating time constraints, and have a particular interest in the genres I listed above. As such, I reserve the right to turn down any review, DNF any book that I begin reading for review, and not review a book that has been sent to me unsolicited.

If accepted, I will prioritize the review and have it completed in 3-4 weeks, not including shipping time. If I anticipate that the review will take longer than the aforementioned time-slot, I will get in contact with you and let you know when I expect to have the review done by.


Star-Rating System:

5 stars: I loved this book. It fit my tastes accordingly and I would recommend it to others who share my taste.

4 stars: I really enjoyed this book although I may have some minor issues, as noted in the review, or It was good but I didn’t love it not because of any particular reason but purely because it may not have been suited to my tastes.

3 stars: I enjoyed this book somewhat but I may have some issues with the book and I might consider continuing with the series when applicable or reading another work by the author when applicable.

2 stars: I did not enjoy this book and there is a low chance I will continue reading the series or other works by the author.

1 star: I hated this book.

DNF: I did not finish this book.