Review: Meraki Candles “The Dregs”

Coming at you all again with another candle review post! I made yet another Meraki Candles purchase a couple of months ago, and wanted to share my thoughts! With so many bookish-candle companies on the market, I will go over some reasons why I pick Meraki Candles.

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  1. Price. In comparison with a lot of the other bookish candle shops on Etsy, Meraki Candles is comparable/cheap. I have seen the candle prices fluctuating throughout the months. However, the prices are still lower than many competitors. Currently, an 8 oz. candle is priced at $11.52 USD, which I think is great! Heather ships out of the UK, so international shipping for me is a bit much, so I just try and purchase multiple candles at once to make it all worth it! (hehe)
  2. Discount deal. Heather of Meraki Candles often offers discount deals on her candles! Check her site and Instagram (@merakicandles ) frequently to see when those deals go live.
  3. Scents. There are, again, lots of fandoms to choose from, including: A Court of Thorns and Roses seriesHarry Potter,Six of Crows, The Raven Cycle, etc. She’s great about coming up with scents for very popular, current YA reads.
  4. Monthly subscription box. Yup, that’s right. Heather offers a monthly subscription box for her bookish candles! Much like other subscription boxes, each one revolves around a theme. I ordered one for the month of October, and really enjoyed it. The price for the box and shipping for me in the US total was $37.76.
  5. Design. I love the consistent, sleek look of the Meraki Candles packaging. It always reflects the scent of the candle, as well as the book/character that each scent is designed after!

The Dregs

Meraki Candles: The Dregs Review by Foxy Readers

The Dregs. Fandom: Six of Crows.

Scent: sea breeze, pine, and sandalwood to remind readers of the experience of standing oceanside in the Dregs. This is really a lovely scent. I am a huge fan of ocean-scented candles, because the oceanside is my favorite place in the world. I really pick up on the sea breeze scent, with a hint of pine. Personally, I can’t say that I really smell a lot of sandalwood, but the scent is lovely nonetheless. It’s a very neutral scent, meaning that it’s neither overly masculine or feminine. It’s a great scent for the home, and definitely for year-round use.

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Overall opinions

I think this candle is great! Meraki Candles always last forever. I’m thankful because I want this scent burning in my house constantly!


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Pro tip: Want an awesome discount on your purchase of Meraki Candles? Head to the Meraki Candle’s Instagram page (@merakicandles ) and look through her posts to find some of her fabulous Reps. On the reps’ profiles, there will often be a discount code for 10% off your Meraki Candles purchase! Go, go, go!

Let’s talk about it

Have you purchased a candle from Heather before? Which scents have you tried, and have you been happy with them? Definitely go check out the shop if you haven’t!