23 Different Types of Readers:

Which are you?

Different Types of Readers

As unique as each individual human is, so are the types of readers in the world. People operate in different ways, and attitudes towards books and reading are no different. There is such a diversity amongst readers, that I’ve decided to compile a list of the different types of readers I have encountered. Which one are you?

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Genre Preferences

Classic Snob

These are the readers who will only read classic literature. You know, the kind of stuff you would find on your high school course reading lists. These people turn their nose up to anything contemporary, and can’t be bothered by mainstream fiction.

Non-Fiction Advocate

Readers of non-fiction are generally looking for information to improve their own lives and knowledge. They aren’t looking for a fictional world to help them escape from the terrors of reality. Instead, they look to books for self-help, business advice, and scientific resources. They’re actively trying to improve their lives, instead of, well, escaping reality.

Fiction Fanatic

These are the readers who need a little help forgetting the troubles of their lives. Or, maybe they’re just bored, and looking for something to ignite their passion and spark their imaginations. Reading fiction allows these readers to live a thousand lives, experience a thousand journeys, and defeat a thousand villains.

Young-Adult Reader

These readers never quite outgrew their childhood and teenage reading habits. Even as the continue aging, they find themselves returning to stories about teens and young adults as they navigate their hardships and purposes in life.

Series Fanatic

Series fanatics are the people who never tire of being in one story world, they want more more more. The idea of reading a standalone book, or even a pitiful duology makes these readers crumble. They love to spend a lot of time in fictional worlds with fictional characters.

Trendy Reader

This reader only reads the newest releases and books that are super popular and trendy at the moment. They’re keeping up with the times in contemporary literature, and they will not be left behind.

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Reading Habits

The Re-Reader

Related to the series fanatics, the re-reader wants to continue living in the same fictional world over and over again, experiencing the same story time after time. They’re the readers who loved a book so much the first time, they needed to go back for seconds. And thirds. And, okay, fourths.

Multi-Book Reader

While some people struggle with just finishing one book (see DNF-er below), others manage to read multiple books at a time. These people have brain sizes twice as large as normal with double the memory capacity and forty times as much organization power.

Binge Reader

This reader picks up a book and doesn’t put it back down until the book is finished. Stopping midway and using a bookmark? That’s blasphemy to this reader. All or nothing. Do or do not.

The DNF-er

Ah the poor DNF-er. These are the people who just did-not-finish their book. Or, well, any for that matter. They’re just partial-book readers, and for whatever reason these poor souls have trouble finishing books.

The Book Collector

There are many different types of “book collectors” that belong in this category. Book collectors are people who hoard books – for any number of reasons. Perhaps they collect books, but never actually end up reading most of them. Maybe they collect books they really want to read and intend to read but there are so many books to be read (the To-Be-Read-er, or TBRer).

The Vacation Reader

These are the people who only really read while they are on vacation. Sunny beaches, lounge chairs, and that hot summer thriller that’s been going around. For these readers, vacations seem to be the only time they can manage to get any reading done.


The Anything Reader

This person doesn’t care what they’re reading, as long as they’re reading. Waiting at the dentist’s office? Check out that flossing pamphlet. Browsing the museum? Pick up that brochure. Sitting on the train? Break out your e-reader. At a friend’s house? Flip through that coffee table book.


The Bedtime Reader

For some people it’s hard to fall asleep at night. Or maybe it’s just that anytime you pick up a book and attempt to read it you inevitably start nodding off. You, my friend, are the bedtime reader.

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The Speed Reader

“Wait, you finished that already?” Heard daily by the speed reader who consumes roughly one book every day. Yup, these experienced readers tend to read so much that they’ve developed the superhuman ability of speed reading.

The Nosy Reader

This person can’t wait for the end of the book, so they read the last page or even the last chapter before they even get there. Surprises, plot twists, and cliff-hangers need to be dealt with now, before they become emotionally invested in the story.




The Skimmer

Related to both the speed reader and the nosy reader, the skimmer can’t wait to get to the end of the book they’re reading – either because they love it or they hate it. For whatever reason, this reader wants to find out what happens, quickly, and finish the book.


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Reader Personalities

Emotional Reader

This is the reader that “OMG just can’t even”. They laugh out loud at the funny moments in a text. They cry when something sad happens in a book. They get angry when the villain rears their ugly heads and does something terrible to the protagonists. They are emotionally invested in the stories they read.

Outspoken Recommender

Constantly reading and telling everyone all about it, the outspoken recommender loves to chat about books they’ve read, and would definitely 100% recommend it to you.

Picky Reader

This is the reader who is very niche in their reading selections. The picky reader might be only into fantasy, but it goes deeper than that. They only read fantasy books about anti-heroes and gray morality and political unrest. Anything that doesn’ fit the bill? This reader won’t even consider picking it up.

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Consumption Methods

Physical-Book Snob

Some people enjoy the convenience of an ereader (see tech reader below). Others are firm in their belief that reading should be done in its original format – a physical book. These people love the physical touch of holding a book, the feeling of turning a page, the smell of paper and ink.

Tech Reader

Tech readers enjoy all of the conveniences of our contemporary world. With apps available for reading on your phone and tablets, and electronic readers available, this reader prefers reading digital copies of books. Easy to take on the go and read anywhere, ereaders also don’t tend to clutter or take up space on bookshelves.

Spoiler Fiend

The spoiler fiend wants to know what happens in a book, and they want to know what happens now, before they even read it. This reader will Google search all of the spoilers in a specific book, scroll through Twitter feeds, and hunt Tumblr accounts for any and all information. They might also delight in telling other people spoilers, if only to see their reactions.

Different Types of Readers

Let’s talk about it

What kind of reader are you? How many of these reader types do you identify with? I know tons of these apply to me, but I’m guilty of being a skimmer and a spoiler fiend! I would love to know how you identify as a reader. Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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    1. Haha yes!!! It’s better to be a MILLION different types of a reader, as long as you’re always reading! 😀

    1. Yes I totally agree with you! Series and physical books all the way! But I understand how convenient they can be for other people too 🙂

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