9 Date Ideas Inspired by City of Bones

by Cassandra Clare

So you’ve just hit it off with the local hottie, and you’re looking for new places to show them off. But the trouble is, you’re having a hard time coming up with date ideas. Movies? Boring. Dinner? Over-done. But never fear! With these 9 date ideas inspired by City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, you’ll be sure to secure that hot date!

Date Ideas inspired by City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

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New York City

City of Bones is an urban fantasy taking place in New York City. The streets are crowded with busy shopkeepers, stressed executives, lost tourists, demons, and garbage. Like, literally just piles of garbage.

Why not take a stroll around Central Park and visit the Fae who are literally the biggest pieces of crap in every one of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter novels?

Maybe meander past old, decrepit buildings wondering if they just may be secret Institutes in disguise.

Or, you could always participate in some demon-hunting yourselves. The possibilities are endless!

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The Pandemonium Club

The opening scene of City of Bones takes readers right into the raving dance club called Pandemonium. And no, you’re not crazy. The name does have the word “demon” in it – so be careful. And make sure to bring a knife or whip.

Thrust your hips from side-to-side and shake it like you just don’t care. Do a little jig with your shoulders, and wave your arms about. Or perhaps you could impress your date by merely swaying your hips in a way that barely passes for dancing. The other ravers don’t care. They’re probably high on demonic drugs, anyway.

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A Poetry Reading

Clary and her bestest pal Simon try to support his friend’s poetic endeavors – even if his lines are less than poetic.

Poetry readings are great for sitting awkwardly next to your date and wishing you’d never gone in the first place. Especially if it’s amateur hour at a local coffee shop. But don’t just go to a coffee shop. That’s overrated. You have to make sure they’re featuring the withering hopes and dreams of the untalented youth. You’ll look good by comparison.

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A Coffee Shop

Okay, maybe you could go to a coffee shop. Like, literally any coffee shop. Or just grab one of those free cups they offer at like nail salons and book stores. Nearly all of the characters in City of Bones are highly addicted to the stuff. It’s like Cassandra Clare was sponsored by the coffee industry, I swear.

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An Institute/Church

Seeking refuge, Clary is lead to the New York Institute, the Shadowhunter’s hiding place where they escape the troubles of the mundane world. To a mundane, this Institute looks like a Gothic Cathedral.

Since you’re, sadly, a mundane (and therefore don’t have the privilege of being followed in the long, empty hallways of the Institute by an immortal cat), try going to a church. From what I’m told, any old religious institute will do. A mosque, a synagogue, or your second cousin’s basement where he holds his weekly gathering for the worshipping of Dungeons and Dragons. Any religious ground will do.

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The NYC Marble Cemetery

In an effort to recover her memories, Clary and her crush take a super romantic trip to the NYC cemetery.

Cemeteries are a great place for puns, info-dump, and faceless men. Chances are, it’ll be pretty empty, and you will get the whole place to just you and your hottie. The grounds are often well-kept, and for some reason people like to leave bouquets of flowers on top of tombstones to wither and die there. Pro tip: pick up one of the fresher-looking bouquets when your hottie isn’t looking and present it to them for a fun surprise.

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A Friend’s House Party

In search of answers about her past, Clary and Co. go to the most obvious location for answers – a house party. It’s held by an old Warlock with eyes like a cat and a fluid sexuality. There’s a confusing exchange of pick-up lines as a result.

House parties are great because there’s usually only one other person you know and like a hundred people you have to force small talk with. You’ll get so much practice, talking to your hottie won’t ever be a problem again! Just don’t accept any drinks you didn’t make yourself. There’s a good chance you’ll be magically transformed into some undesirable rodent form. Just sayin’.

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The Hotel DuMort

Hot on the trail of vampires, Clary and Co. track them to the Hotel DuMont, which has oh-so-cleverly been graffitied to read “DuMort“. Get it. Like, death. In French. Not for any reason, other than it was convenient and they wouldn’t have to change the sign completely. Vampires sure are thrifty.

Hotels are a fun place to go on a date with your hottie. Especially when they’re abandoned! Just be careful of broken wooden rafters and collapsing chandeliers. It might be best to bring a flashlight and a trusty gun with you, just in case some of the rooms are already occupied.

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Renwick’s Smallpox Hospital

The big ol’ climax of the story takes place at Renwick’s Ruin, Cassandra Clare’s spoopy name for NYC’s old smallpox hospital. It’s another one of those special places that’s protected from unworthy mundane eyes, so it’s up to you to find your own smallpox hospital for date night.

Hospitals are great places for dates. Together, you and your hottie can contemplate the meaningless-ness of life. Nothing brings a couple closer together than death.

Date Ideas inspired by City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Date Night

With so many options available to couples, it can be hard to determine which venue is best for date night! Dinner dates and movies are so overrated, so why not try out one of these date ideas inspired by Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones?

Let’s talk about it

So what do you think? Are any of these hot A-list spots on the top of your list for date night? Have you given any of these a go in the past? Leave your experience with incredible detail and precision in the comments below!

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