3 Bookish Wishes I Would Make if I Met the Book Genie

The Book Genie: 3 Bookish Wishes

I thought the concept of a Book Genie would be awesome. A Genie that, perhaps lived inside of a hollowed-out ancient tome? Who appears before any master of the book to grant 3 bookish wishes! So, I decided to see what my 3 bookish wishes would be if I met the Book Genie! All of the regular Genie Rules apply; like no wishing for more wishes!

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I wish to have the power to jump inside the world of any book I am reading and watch it unfold exactly as the author imagined it to.

Imagine being able to view the characters, setting, and action exactly as the author intended. Maybe it’s just the nerd in me, but I’m so fascinated by people and how they view the world/their own imaginary worlds. No longer would I spend hours pondering what actor would be best suited for a character in a book-to-film adaptation. Plus, it would be the most authentic version of the story possible.

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I wish to have the power to meet any character from any book that I desire at any time.

I would love to be able to meet, in person, my favorite characters. Or even the villains! As long as they were in a safe, protected environment where they couldn’t cause mischief, heh. Or to even have the power to make a character come to life and be real! However, I may be arrested for kidnapping because I would never want my favorite characters to leave me. I would probably trap them and make them be my best friend haha. Whoops!

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I wish to have the power to add myself as a character into any book/series.

HOW COOL would it be to be a character in your favorite book or series? To be a witch or wizard attending Hogwarts with Harry? To be a Shadowhunter living in the Institute with the Lightwoods? Or one of the High Fae, living in the Court of Dreams? But also having the ability to leave whenever I wanted, and no time would have passed in the real world. Because I feel like there would be a danger of going into a world and, well, never coming back.

Let’s talk about it

What would your 3 bookish wishes be if you met the Book Genie? Would you want the ability to memorize an entire book once you’ve read it? Or have the power to read a book in under an hour? If you want to write a blog post with this #booktag, leave a link to it in the comments! And if you don’t have a blog, go ahead and just list your wishes in the comments below. I would love to hear what you all would wish for!

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