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Do you sell products relevant to the content on Foxy Readers? Are your products books, book-related, or curated with an avid reader in mind? Consider becoming an affiliate partner with Foxy Readers. My blog readers are book lovers who are interested in books and bookish merchandise.

I am available for reviewing books and bookish-merchandise. Do you have a product or service that would appeal to me and my readers? I would gladly receive the product for a review opportunity.

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Sponsored posts are available on a limited basis. Generally, I prefer to do a review before sponsoring the company, brand, product, service, etc. However, when I am unable to provide a review, a sponsored post may be considered at my discretion.


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Instagram has a huge bookish sub-community, lovingly nicknamed “Bookstagram”. With Instagram advertisements becoming ever more popular and effective, sponsored Instagram posts can appeal to the thousands of users within the Bookstagram community.

The guidelines for a sponsored Instagram post is the same for any of my sponsored blog posts. I will review a sponsorship request and determine if the sponsored company, brand, product, service, etc. fits the wants and needs of the Bookstagram community.

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I will read all sponsorship, advertisement, and endorsement opportunities I receive, though I do not guarantee a response. I reserve the right to turn down any opportunity for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: the company, brand, product, service, etc. does not fit in with the content on Foxy Readers; the company, brand, product, service, etc. does not appeal to me or my readers; etc.

I will not falsely promote or advertise a company, brand, product, service, etc. in exchange for compensation.

Sponsorships/advertisements/endorsements may be shared via social media accounts in addition to blog posts.

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