Hi, I'm Katie!


I'm the reader, writer, and blogger here at Foxy Readers. Or, as I prefer to be called, Queen Reading Vixen

With a passion for all things novel, I work to provide other foxy readers with clear insight, intellectual discussion, and helpful resources. 


Capricorn ┆ INTJ ┆ Slytherclaw


As of June 2017, I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in East Asian Art History (just for fun!). I live with my fiance and our cat CeCe (short for Cat-Cat) in the PNW. 

A voracious reader since the age of whenever any normal child learns to read, I love to talk about the books I am reading. With other people. But not in person. Because screw in-person contact, right? That's how this blog was born!

As a writer, I plan to someday pursue the publication of my work and hopefully become a full-fledged author. Like, NYT #1 Best-Selling Author status. Currently, I am working on writing my first novel. You can track my progress here.

To be totally upfront, I have anxiety. It's worse than some people's, but better than others'. Sometimes, I find it to be incredibly crippling. This impacts my relationships, online presence, and career goals. Hence why I want to be a writer... minimal human contact. I mention my anxiety here because it's a part of my coping mechanism - I'm not ashamed of my anxiety, and the more people are aware of my situation, the more they will understand. Like everyone else, I'm a work in progress.

It is my firm belief that you should do what you love - and for me, it's reading, writing, drawing/painting, and blogging.

What Foxy Readers is All About

Foxy (adj.): resembling, or likened to, a fox; cunning or sly in character.

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Foxy Readers: where we cleverly critique the novel craft.

From book reviews to writing resourcesBookstagram 101 to book blogging tips, Foxy Readers explores the art of the novel with a clever and insightful eye.

Here on Foxy Readers, we value intelligent discussion and criticism. It is important that we are always honest to each other and to ourselves, so everything you find on Foxy Readers will be genuine and thought-out.

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